The Jump Manual review of Basketball and Children

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When properly guides, ids are responsive and very flexible. They easily adopt to new things, if taught rightly. Sports, gaming and other healthy activities prepare children to be strong, active and develop skills while having fun.

Basketball can be a good option for young children and The Jump Manual attempts to bring you in this article an insight into the subject of basketball and children.

It’s a rather challenging job to teach basketball to kids, but by using some tactics and techniques especially geared towards teaching kids the art of basketball playing, a real good trainer can lead your child to some great results. As a trainer one should teach kids about the basic rules of basketball and of course how to be in control of the ball, because it is the game of mastering the ball in coordination with proper physical movements. Kids should learn all the basics including the proper height of the basket from the floor as we as the size of the basket ball court.

 The Jump Manual  Review On Training Children How to Play Basketball

A Basketball.

A Basketball. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In an  article by “Melanie Williamson” on titled: How to Teach Young Children Basketball,

Teaching young kids to play basketball can be a challenging process. You have to start by explaining the game and then teach the basic skills needed. When kids first learn to play, it is more about ball control and remembering the rules than learning strategy. It is important to always keep children’s age and developmental level in mind and not let the love of winning guide your efforts. Young children learn at different speeds, so it is important to practice all the basic skills over and over again until all the kids are comfortable.

While teaching, a trainer should keep in mind the age and developmental level of children. Children learn according to their level of mind set and respond accordingly. Learning speeds are different in children, so the teacher should apply his efforts until and unless all children gain knowledge and skill and show their comfort.

There are some helpful rules for teaching young children basketball:

  • First of all they should know fundamentals of basketball. Like number of players in a team, basic terminologies, different areas of a court, tactics and techniques of the game and fouls etc.
  • They should know how to deal with the ball and what would happen if the ball is not treated rightly. They should know how to dribble, especially dribbling with their left and right hands equally well.
  • Walking while dribbling is a difficult task and a trainer should concentrate on this point to make them a good player.
  • They should learn how to master their body, especially hands. A trainer can divide them in teams, so that they can face each other and improve their skills of passing and bouncing the ball.
  • Children should know how to play with the ball, how to bounce it and make goal. They should know the use of backboard for bouncing off the ball. They can be divided into teams to present a better and competitive game.


 Children the Future of Basketball

A 2008 HBU Huskies basketball game in Sharp Gy...

A 2008 HBU Huskies basketball game in Sharp Gymnasium (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is one thing to remember, continuous efforts are a must while teaching children. Be disciplined but do not try to be strict, because children follow rules only when motivated by re-enforcement.
Make this game a fun activity, do not try to impose it on children. You have to avoid pressure until the children have developed their skills, confidence, and become proficient with the fundamentals of basketball. Be patient with children; give them time and discover their hidden talent so that one day you can feel proud on the results and the child, now grown, feel a great sense of accomplishment.

This review was brought to you by The Jump Manual Review.

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The Jump Manual review on Basketball Cheer leading

The Jump Manual – Basketball Enthusiasts

The Jump Manual review on Basketball CheerleadingA sport is a healthy physical activity, which needs enthusiasm. Players should have athletic abilities, physical fitness and presence of mind, as well as the fervor and enthusiasm to win the game. It also requires great involvement from the spectator’s side .Each sport or event has its own cheering rules and manners.

It always sounds great, when players hear their cheerleaders on the court:

“Hey, Hey, Get Ready, Ready for the Best.”

In this way, they feel a new zeal of thrill and passion to win the game. Cheer leading and sports are for each other. Some people say it a sport itself and some deny this. According to them, as a cheerleader one should have to perform high level athletic stunts, but it does not make a cheerleader, a sports person.

The Jump Manual reviews and brings some important information here.

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The Jump Manual reviews the Size of Basketball Courts

The Jump Manual – The Early Stage of Basketball

The Jump Manual reviews the Size of Basketball CourtsBasketball is not like other games, evolved from any ancient sport, developed and got popularity gradually. Rather it has a distinctive origin. This game was invented purposefully as an indoor activity for the students of Y.M.C.A , Springfield College in Springfield, Massachusetts by Dr. James Naismith in 1891.

James Naismith wanted to create a healthy athletic activity for his students. At first he coined a set of 13 rules for this game, although these rules are not the same rules we use in today’s basketball. The foremost game was played with a soccer ball and two peach baskets attached 10-feet high from ground, used as goals. The court was almost half the size of today’s court.

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Basketball – Present and Future

Basketball Gaming

Basketball - Past Present and FutureSince the time Basketball came into existence, it has evolved drastically, developing progressively with modernization, popularity, appreciation and expansion; Basketball is not just a game anymore, it is rather an industry with billions  of dollars pumped into its commercial value each year.

Basketball has made huge profits for investors as well as for the top basketball players. Clothes, accessories, books,  television, digital games, events, promotions and thousands of other fields are associated with this game of Basketball. all generating revenues to all parties involved

There are many games and sports which dominate the related circles of interest and Basketball is one of the leading sports, if not the most dominant.

It is not just some simple term of gaming anymore for Basketball but is in fact an industry where millions of people are directly involved with Basketball. Call it a need, normal approach or the modern approach to doing business, but whatever it is Basketball is surely one of the most important sports of our present times. So where is all the modernizations and technicality taking and leading this game to? And where and what will Basketball be in the coming years and  future?

Basketball – Present

Here is an example of the scientific research done nowadays on the technical side of Basketball, evaluating and analyzing the

Los Angeles Lakers Magic Johnson and Boston Ce...

Los Angeles Lakers Magic Johnson and Boston Celtics Larry Bird in Game two of the 1985 NBA Finals at Boston Garden (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

potential of Basketball.

“” gathers some very important scientific data through research papers; and it shows how minutely science has its concern and observation for this game, helping and promising  expertise with improvement.

BOSTON — Where does the future of basketball analytics lie? After spending some time at the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference in Boston, it has become increasingly clear that “where” is the operative word.
More and more, researchers are trying to identify, quantify and analyze the location of where NBA players operate on the court. The two research paper finalists at Sloan, “Deconstructing the Rebound with Optical Tracking Data” and “Court Vision: New Visual and Spatial Analytics for the NBA,” addressed this new, exciting area of basketball analytics.

Basketball – Future

So it is good news for the Basketball Players, Fans and Lovers. Basketball has in fact entered the space age, its future only seems brighter.

The future of Basketball might contain airborne tournaments, the rules might alter for precision, robots would be the best trainers and coaches and virtual 3D live gaming viewership would be the core attraction for far away spectators.

West's silhouette serves as the current NBA logo.

West's silhouette serves as the current NBA logo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Basketball fans could compile their own teams via International Television Viewership and spectators could fund mutually for their personal custom events.

Sky would not be the limit, as technicality would break the Basketball gaming components to individual expertise, where putting the basket a 100 times in a row would even be analyzed with charts and diagrams, so to see who is the best scorer in this kind of competition.

Well, what do you think about Basketball Future, where does your mind lead Basketball into? Could you visualize how Basketball would be 20, 50, or even a 100 years from now?

If you enjoyed reading this post on basketball, let us know.

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The Jump Manual reviews Back to Back Basketball Champions

The Jump Manual – Competition Back

The Jump Manual reviews Back to Back Basketball ChampionsAlmost in every Basketball event with the viewers anticipated enthusiasm, it just gets so interesting to see the Champions compete against one another; building and involving the natural observation of the spectators and keen learners to see them maneuver, one upon another; countering, tricking and dodging. Performing to extreme limits of endurance and performance.

The Jump Manual Reviews here what it actually is to be a true Basketball game fan, an admirer of the Back to Back Champions.

After every interesting game the news, reviews and articles clatter the media circle and The Jump manual does it too.

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The NBA – 10 of the Best Basketball Players of all Times Brought to You By the Jump Manual

The Jump Manual Brings you The Best NBA Basketball Players

 The NBA - 10 of the Best Basketball Players of all TimesAll the NBA basketball players mentioned in this article were, at some point of their career, applying the very principals taught by The Jump Manual.
A great fan of Basketball always finds inspiration in looking up to the legends and players who have made their mark in the history of The NBA. By the best performance, by competition, by sustaining a career regardless of the mishaps, downfalls, injuries and criticism.

A very few make it to the all time World and The NBA favorites and when they do they are known as the Best at The NBA.

The Jump Manual Presents a short description of The 10 Best in the NBA

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The Jump Manual review of Basketball Games Worth Winning

The Jump Manual – Basketball Games

The Jump Manual review of Basketball Games Worth WinningWinning a Basketball game is a challenge, to be a winner even feels better, but is it really worth all this effort?

Is it the only reason one would play?

Is a game supposed to be for this reason only?

Isn’t winning and losing part of gaming ethics.

Here is what The Jump Manual Has to Say

When two teams compete in basketball, only one wins. It’s part of a two team competition; that only one scores better and wins. So why would the losing team be sorry or feel bad about it? Might be that both teams showed their best and are still the best teams available. Where is the Sportsman spirit and sportsman ship or the concept of a healthy friendly match?

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The Jump Manual Review of Basketall Games Online

Jump Manual review of Basketball Games Online

Jump Manual review of Basketball Games OnlineThe Jump Manual reviews here on how important the electronic gaming has become when it comes to home entertainment, child’s play or simply a pass time for a family; Video Games are the most coolest thing here for Basketball fans and lovers.

There are two ways to play Basketball video games, by purchasing it or playing on line and here The Jump Manual will discuss briefly about them.

For people who do not have access to any internet facility could simply buy them. Different games in various versions are available and they keep on  improving every year. The sounds, graphics and maneuvers are simply breath taking. These games give home entertainment a totally new look.

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The Jump Manual Review of Johnny Jones – The New Coach for Basketball

Johnny Jones – The New Basketball Coach


Johnny Jones - The New Coach for North Texas BasketballThe following is The Jump Manual Review of Johnny Jones.


Johnny Jones is extremely excited about this opportunity to be a part of LSU. He is waiting to go back to Baton Rouge since he grew up in DeRidder and lived 27 years of his life at LSU from 1980-97. He always had been a tremendous coach who completely deserves to be a part of LSU. He struggled all the way through and maintains himself tough and strong in his basketball career.


A report from “USA Today” told:

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NBA stars get paid for Olympics

NBA stars should get paid

NBA stars get paid for OlympicsDwyane Wade believes that NBA stars should get paid for their efforts and potency in the Olympics. He revealed this after Miami Heat’s practice against Chicago that they played the whole summer, those who practice a lot should be rewarded. As he considers the college players should be compensated as well. Unfortunately we are not there yet but still he thinks there should be something  for it. Though they don’t get remunerated by the International Olympics Committee, but the fact is that Wade and all other NBA stars already do get paid for their Olympics participation.

In an article by “Kurt Badenhausen” on “Forbes” – it has been stated that:

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